Salesforce is one of the country’s most well-known customer relationship management (CRM) software companies and is popular with businesses that want to integrate their CRM with their phone services. VoIP technology is making enormous inroads in the communications marketplace.

An IP telephone system allows a company to run a wide variety of communication and marketing tasks through the same hardware and software that an IP business phone uses. Read on to learn the answers to some common questions about the process of Salesforce Integration through one of DirecTech’s unified communication applications. Business owners may have questions about integrating their Salesforce CRM with their VoIP phone system. Let’s take a look at what owners commonly ask.

What is the benefit of integrating Salesforce CRM with our VoIP phone system?

Integrating Salesforce CRM with your IP telephone system can provide several benefits, such as increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and improved customer service. With this integration, your sales and customer service teams can access customer information and communication history for each IP business phone and user from one central location, making it easier to manage customer interactions. This innovation will please customers and save sales or customer service employees time. The ability to write notes in a customer record may also reduce errors when employees use written notes or forget something because they are busy or distracted.

Can we use our existing VoIP phone system with Salesforce CRM?

Depending on your VoIP phone system, it may be possible to integrate it with Salesforce CRM. However, checking with the vendor or a third-party integration provider is important to ensure the integration is supported. DirecTech’s line of Zultys telecommunication products includes unified communication applications that integrate Salesforce with your VoIP phone system and tie together other communication tools like instant messaging and audio conferencing.

How does this integration work?

Salesforce integration involves setting up a connector or plugin that allows the VoIP phone system to communicate with Salesforce CRM. Usually, this connector would be a piece of software licensed by DirecTech, for example, to clients. This connector enables your telecom system to automatically log calls, link employees to customer records, and access customer information during sales calls. With that record being available, a sales or support rep can make notes right in the customer’s CRM record instead of taking notes and adding them later.

Will we need to train our staff to use the integrated system?

Employees will need training in using the integrated system to ensure they can take full advantage of its benefits. Training may include logging calls, accessing customer information during calls, and using other integrated system features. If you are setting up an integrated IP telecom system with phones, chat, and software integrations, it makes sense to find a managed services provider that offers installation, training resources, and ongoing support.

What kind of customer data is available during calls?

Depending on the integration and the information stored in Salesforce CRM, sales representatives and contact center employees can access the data during calls. Typically, customer information such as name, phone number, email address, and interaction history would be readily accessible during calls.

Can we track call metrics and performance with the integrated system?

Yes, you can review call metrics and performance using the integrated system. This can provide insights into call volume, call duration, call outcomes, and other important metrics that can help you measure the effectiveness of your sales and customer service teams.

How much does the hardware or software cost?

Integrating Salesforce CRM into an IP telephone system can vary depending on several factors, with the cost of the IP-PBCX hardware you buy being one primary consideration. Our Zultys Salesforce Communicator requires a one-time license fee for each user, plus MX and MXIE software licenses. If you are setting up an IP-PBX system, hosted or on-premises, then the cost of Salesforce Communicator licenses would be the only added expense.

This FAQ focused on Salesforce, one of the world’s most popular CRM tools, but other software can be integrated into your IP telephone system. This depends on the software, but DirecTech’s Zultys hardware supports MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server. These products have similar requirements to our Salesforce Communicator.

Get More from Salesforce and Your VoIP Phone System

In short, Salesforce integration can improve productivity, avoid mistakes, and improve your marketing at a modest cost, especially if you now have an IP telephone system. An IP business phone works best when supported by integrated communication applications running IM (instant messaging), audio conferencing, and other related services. If you want to learn how to leverage Salesforce, Outlook, or Exchange, contact the VoIP experts at DirecTech to schedule a free consultation.