Using an IP (internet protocol) telecommunications system offers several benefits that cannot be easily obtained without using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines supplemented by various cloud-based communication software. The cost savings associated with VoIP phones can also prove to be substantial, especially in a business where the call volume is very heavy, such as telemarketing. Size does not have to be the deciding factor either. At the same time, the financial benefits for a small company that only needs 20 phones could also be considerable. Working with a local vendor brings additional benefits to Los Angeles area business owners too.

A Brief Introduction to IP Telecommunications Services

An IP-based system includes telephones, communication lines, data storage, phone numbers, and additional communication tools. The exact setup will depend on the budget, of course. But even a relatively inexpensive service will offer things like instant messaging, voice mail, and video chat. Premium features, like integration with Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Outlook, should be available too.

The main benefit of using an IP telephone system is the cost savings. Compare your annual phone bill to the $20 to $50 that IP phone service costs, then add the cost of international or long-distance service, government fees, and subscription fees. VoIP phones vary in price but often cost $50 to $100. Compare that to the cost of a good business phone with features like hold, voice mail, caller ID, and call forwarding.

Aside from the near certainty of saving money, a business that adopts an IP telecommunication system can expect these benefits:

  • Enhanced call quality – Calls will feature high sound quality without regular “drop-outs” that mobile phones might produce and with less “noise” than an old-fashioned line.
  • Faster scalability – Adding new lines and new VoIP phones is much faster and easier than ordering expanded landline service and having it set up.
  • Enhanced mobility – Cloud telecom offers employees the ability to work almost anywhere without missing calls. Employees are reachable via the cloud anywhere that they have broadband service and a tablet, phone, or computer.
  • Easier performance monitoring – You can easily check on metrics like hold time, missed calls, call duration, and callback times to make sure your sales or customer support people are making the best use of their time.
  • Enhanced efficiency – IP telephone services make it easy to contact people via chat, IM (Instant Messaging), or phone call as well as allowing for file sharing and more.
  • Improved customer service – The setup of a typical system makes it easy for customers to reach staff anytime and anywhere, without getting busy signals and without playing phone tag.

Briefly, an IP telecom system using VoIP phones saves time, increases customer satisfaction, and can increase productivity, especially in sales, marketing, and support. Using an IP telephony vendor in the area also brings other benefits too.

Benefits of Having a Local IP Telephone Services Provider

Just as your customers and prospects value ease of communication, a VoIP customer should expect an easy communication process from initial consultation or demo onward. Companies that operate nationally or globally cannot always provide that easy communication and support that a Los Angeles area business owner wants. Being in the same time zone can make it easier to get live customer support. Setting up a consultation, installation, and, in the future, on-site support will be easier because the vendor is in the same metro area.

Remember that enhanced efficiency is one argument for getting a VoIP telephone system. Using a Los Angeles area company to provide equipment, installation, and support saves time, which frees up time for other business activities, like strategic planning, digital marketing, and prospecting for new leads.

Moving to the Cloud

A cloud-based telecommunications system that backs up your VoIP phones offers financial benefits and advantages in customer support, security, and peace of mind. Data security is a regular worry for many business owners. Even if that is not the case, many businesses must take pains to comply with federal regulations covering data protection, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability). A good IP telephone vendor will be able to offer HIPAA-compliant communication and data storage, in addition to selling and supporting VoIP phones.

Cloud-based services can make it easier to recover after technical problems, data breaches, or disasters. This is because your provider will, or should, have backup systems and backed-up copies of files. Note, however, that your business should have a backup power supply so that Internet and VoIP services remain accessible during a localized power failure.

Go Local to Maximize the Benefits from Your IP Telecom System

Setting up an IP-based telecommunications system with experienced local advice and support brings several benefits relative to conventional phones. Obviously, the potential cost saving is important, but business owners also receive other, non-monetary benefits as well. Normal phone service cannot offer the array of communication tools that IP telephony offers without the need to buy additional conferencing and chat software. If you would like to know more, contact your Los Angeles IP telephony experts at DirecTech and schedule a free consultation today.