It seems like cloud computing is the norm for everything data storage, data analysis, customer relationship management, accounting, and more. This perception that everything is moving to the cloud has plenty of validity to it, and for some good business reasons. Because so many businesses use cloud-based servers and storage for other things, it makes sense to use cloud-based telephones and related telecom services where possible. Cloud-based communication technology can save money while also increasing productivity. Those are just two aspects of the business case for moving your phone and other telecom services to a cloud-based, or IP (Internet Protocol) PBX.

Save Money with Cloud Communications

Analog phone service pricing varies widely depending on where you are, how many lines you need, and other factors. You can use a recent phone bill to make a valid comparison with the likely cost of a hosted VoIP system. In general, a landline system is going to cost a business owner $50 to $100 per line per month. Hosted VoIP service is going to cost $25 to $40 per user, per month. Medium-sized businesses will tend to pay less, and prices will go up with certain optional features added. If you need new phones to use your landline service, expect to pay $50 to $100 per phone.

Let us compare those numbers for a business that needs 50 lines. A third option is an on-site IP PBX, which is basically a digital telephone system that runs on your premises and performs IP telephone services that would ordinally run on a vendor’s cloud servers. Of course, you need to buy equipment for this and have it configured (not a do-it-yourself job) and a cost of $2000 to $4000. You also need software to run things. Then you still need to buy the phones and pay for additional bandwidth from an Internet service provider.

Could VoIP service = $40/month/line for a total of $2000 per month. $100 X 50 users or $5,000 for some basic phones. The cost for a year of service, plus setup is $29,000.

Landline Service = $50/month X 50 users = $2500 per month, 50 basic two-line desk phones X $50 each = $2500 upfront. The total cost here is $32,500 for one year.

A company that uses a hosted IP telecommunications system might be able to save even more by cancelling some subscriptions. Depending on the phone system features, you may be able to ditch the licenses for online collaboration software, instant messaging, and chat.

Setting up a hosted VoIP system results in a $3200 savings, or about 14% less than the cost for that landline system. At this price you can expect to get features that are not available at all through landline phones. The likely cost savings of a cloud-based telecom system are likely to be multiplied by gains in productivity.

Be More Productive with IP Phone Service

IP phone systems make communication inside and outside of the organization far more efficient. Most systems offer capabilities like sending and receiving faxes, voicemail to email, automated voicemail messaging for outbound calls, and more. Most any VoIP phone system will offer integrations with email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, and marketing tools, like Salesforce. Finally, the cloud-based phone system will keep working if local phone or Internet service goes down.

A cloud-based system offers all those benefits with the added benefit of placing maintenance in the hands of the service provider.

Achieve Greater Flexibility

Cloud-based software allows employees and contractors to work anywhere on about any device. A good VoIP system will also offer software phones (softphones) that allow any compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer to work like a desktop phone. A cloud-based phone service may be expanded or scaled back very easily to suit changing business needs. For example, a company that does lots of extra business during the holiday season could add a dozen or so extra lines for seasonal staff with ease. As another business grows at a steady pace, they can bring on new people, buy a VoIP phone and add a “line” for each new staffer. Employees can also work from anywhere. Zultys offers several IP telephony solutions, in addition to phones.

Two Systems from Zultys

The VoIP telephone vendor Zultys offers two services for businesses looking for an affordable and versatile cloud-based phone solution. Zultys Cloud is an IP-based private branch exchange (PBX) that replaces phone service and some of the functions of other communication and collaboration software that your business might be running. It offers local, long-distance, and international calling. Users also get mobility, scalability, and additional communication tools. Zultys User Packages are three levels of hosted VoIP service – Standard, Premium, and Contact Center. The Standard package offers an extensive list of features, which Premium adds to. The Contact Center Package adds even more functionality.

The Business Case for Hosted VoIP Service is Strong

Cloud computing offers many benefits, and this also holds true in the area of communications. A cloud-based phone system offers cost savings, productivity gains, and enhanced flexibility for today’s mobile and geographically dispersed workers. If you would like to know more about using IP-PBX technology to make your business more efficient while saving money, the experts at DirecTech can help. Contact us to set up a free consultation about your telecom needs.