As businesses continue to adopt more flexible work arrangements, the need for mobile communication solutions has become increasingly critical, whether you have IP business phones or not. Zultys Mobility Communicator is a mobile application that enables businesses to extend their unified communication applications to mobile devices. With a range of features and functions, the application makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere and anytime with a good internet connection and a smart media phone. DirecTech offers Zultys phones, Mobility Communicator, and ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator) to help businesses of all sizes.

Ten Key Features of DirecTech’s Zultys Mobile Communicator

Mobile connectivity is increasingly important to workers and potential customers. Many IP business phones support mobile communication through softphone apps and other functions on top of a variety of business functions, such as:

  • Single-number contact so calls reach remote workers on whatever device they have at the time
  • Real-time instant messaging and instant messaging alerts
  • Real-time status indicators, so potential callers know if you are busy, available, or away
  • The ability to call from a call log accessed within the system
  • The ability to manage call center teams
  • Call routing that minimizes cost
  • Free softphone function that works on a Wi-Fi connection
  • Call hold and transfer
  • Push notifications
  • Support for Android and iOS tablets and phones

These are significant reasons why an IP-PBX phone system and its unified communication applications are useful.

DirecTech Products Cover All Communication Platforms

Again, to emphasize- Zultys Mobility is a mobile application that allows businesses to extend the functionality of their Zultys phones and unified communications system to their Android and iOS devices. Here are several things a business owner should know about this product:

  • High Connectivity: Zultys Mobility enables employees to stay connected with colleagues and customers anywhere and anytime. It offers a range of communication features such as voice, video, instant messaging, and presence management.
  • Secure communication: Using SSL encryption, Zultys Mobility offers secure transmission to protect sensitive information exchanged during voice and video calls, chats, and messaging.
  • Mobile integration: Employees can use their smartphones or tablets to access their Zultys Unified Communications system.
  • Flexible communication options: Zultys Mobility offers employees a variety of ways to communicate via one-to-one or group voice and video calls, chat, and instant messaging.
  • Voicemail access: Employees can access their voicemail messages directly from the mobile application, enabling them to respond quickly to customer inquiries.
  • Customizable settings: The application offers customizable settings, allowing employees to control the communication channels and preferences that work best for them.
  • Location independence: Zultys Mobility allows employees to work remotely or on the go without sacrificing the quality of communication with customers or colleagues.
  • Video conferencing: The application offers capabilities that allow employees to participate in virtual meetings and collaborate with colleagues from almost anywhere.

Zultys Mobility can help businesses reduce communication costs by leveraging the internet to make and receive calls and messages rather than relying on traditional phone lines.

Knowing a few more details will make it easier to see how those functions work and how they can be valuable. Mobile Communicator offers caller ID, instant messaging, real-time IM alerts, and status indicators (Presence). Users can call from a directory or call logs. Managers can enable call center agent functions too.

Support for Integrated and Mobile-Friendly Communication

Zultys Advanced Communicator (ZAC) is a unified communication application that DirecTech offers. The software includes various features that help employees communicate with each other and customers. ZAC runs on cloud servers, making its functions accessible anywhere you have a fast internet connection. This allows employees to communicate and collaborate from desktops, laptops, smart media phones, and tablets. Users can access a variety of communication tools, including voice, email, video, and instant messaging. Administrators will find an intuitive admin dashboard as well.

One of the key features of ZAC is its ability to integrate with other business software applications, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and productivity tools. This allows employees to access important customer and business data without switching between different applications, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Of course, it also connects employees in the field and with the central office.

Employees can also collaborate more efficiently. They can use ZAC’s screen sharing, file sharing, and video conferencing without jumping back and forth between various applications or websites. This set of collaboration tools can be particularly useful for remote or hybrid teams that need to coordinate their work internally while also dealing with clients, subcontractors, and freelancers.

Businesses that rely heavily on inbound or outbound calling will benefit from advanced call-handling features. Zultys Advanced Communicator is a comprehensive solution for communication and collaboration that businesses can leverage to improve their efficiency and provide better, personalized customer service. It can be even more useful when integrated with enterprise software like Salesforce and Outlook to streamline marketing efforts.

Zultys Mobile Communicator and Zultys Phones from DirecTech

A business that relies heavily on mobile communication can save time and money and improve customer service by using unified communication applications that fully support mobile apps. Our Zultys Advanced Communicator is the right core technology to buy and extend with Mobility Communicator connected to IP business phones. If you want innovative ways to empower a mobile or hybrid workforce with VoIP technology and smart media phones from Zultys, consult with the experts at DirecTech.